Case: Motoseal Components Oy

Motoseal Components is a company based in Rauma, Finland, which designs, manufactures and markets its plastic and steel fenders and winter tools sold under the Masi brand. Most of the company’s activities come from fenders for machinery and tractors. For this demanding job with precision and power, Motoseal Components needed a suitable production press, which was ordered from Vakomet.

“We are a system supplier of tractor and machine manufacturers — we make fender solutions for our customers in the domestic and international markets. For example, for our customers Valtra agricultural tractors we design and manufacture front fenders from the axle up, including all iron and plastic parts on top of them. In the manufacture of fenders, a lot of pipe bar is used as a raw material, which needs to be bent and processed. We needed a suitable press for this,” says Mikko Ranne, Production Manager at Motoseal Components.

In 2018, Motoseal Components delivered a production press with 30 tons of power, custom recipes and touchscreen parameters. “Markus Rokala came to us to see what we were doing and for what purpose the press was needed, gave an offer and it became a deal,” says Ranne.

As a supplier, Lakeuden Hydro was selected from just a few players. The choice was influenced by the price, but also by the reputation as a reliable operator and by the customized solution. With the new production press, the handling of the pipe beams is easier and today’s safety issues have been considered. “We have been satisfied. The most important thing, however, was that the production press was designed and manufactured for our needs. After marketing has also worked well and we have been taken care of since the trade. We also recommend Vakomet to other players. ”concludes Ranne.

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